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How to support Social Sciences + humanities valorisation


Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna


21st September 2023

Aim of the event

Drawing from insights from research and practice, this event brings together valorisation specialists and enthusiasts to collectively explore how valorisation (and especially valorisation of SSH) works and how academics can be best supported to create impact outside of publishing their research.

The aim of the event is to provide a platform for discussion around valorisation in SSH and beyond, showcase materials developed throughout the project, and facilitate networking between stakeholders in the European valorisation ecosystem.

Who should attend?

Hosted by: University of Vienna

Welcome  - Presented by the REVALORISE+ team led by Jose Villagran (UIIN) & Tobias Reckling (University of Vienna)


Opening speech on the importance of valorisation as the way to create more impact and bring the research beyond academia to benefit the society

Presented by Angelika Zelisko, University of Applied Arts Vienna


Insights into Research Valorisation in Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Research Findings
  • Case Studies
  • Training Framework
  • Experiences from the Training Pilot Test

Presented by the REVALORISE+ team

  • Research findings and case studies – Ingrid Wakkee
  • Training framework – Jose Villagran
  • Pilot test – Carolin Otsing

Coffee break


Panel discussion: Challenges and Opportunities in Supporting Academics to Valorise Their Work

Conversation between the REVALORISE+ team and the esteemed invited speakers


  • Ingrid Wakkee, AUAS Professor of Entrepreneurship, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • Maria Jose Herrero Villa, Head of International Unit for Research & Knowledge Transfer, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Angelika Zelisko, SSH Valorisation Expert, University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • Matthias Steinböck, University Assistant Praedoc at the University of Vienna
  • Andras Martoni, Manager of OSUN Science Shop at the Central European University

Moderater:  Mikko Korpela, Director  Consulting Services, Crazy Town


Coffee break & Networking


Workshop & Networking: Building Effective Support Systems for Academics

  • Brainstorm and identify best practices for supporting academics in valorising their work,
  • Discuss strategies for enhancing knowledge transfer and valorisation processes,
  • Encourage participants to share their experiences and insights.

Facilitated interactive peer-learning experience with all participants moderated by the REVALORISE+ team


Closing Insights and Takeaways


María José Herrero-Villa

Dr. María José Herrero-Villa is educated in business and PhD in Economics and Innovation Management from the Autonomous University of Madrid. Her professional experience began in the private sector acquiring a deep understanding of industry drivers and dynamics. In 2004, she joined the Carlos III of Madrid University (a public university) in, at that time, a pioneer and unusual project: the UC3M Science Park performing functions in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, and University-Business Collaboration. She is the Head of the International Unit for Research and Knowledge Transfer and the technical coordinator of the “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” of the YUFE Alliance.

Andras Martoni

Andras Martoni is the manager of OSUN Science Shop at the Central European University. The program invites community partners (citizens and non-profit organisations) to submit research questions that can be pursued as thesis topics, capstone projects, internships or volunteer gigs by students who are eager to do good through their studies. The research questions can also become course projects (community-engaged teaching and learning) or subjects to academic research, invoking the framework of Responsible Research and Innovation. Martoni’s background is in rural development and community development, his natural habitat is in the non-profit sector. For the past six years, he has been working at universities, bridging academia and civil society organisations, using the science shop model.

Mikko Korpela

Mikko Korpela is highly experienced in university-business cooperation (UBC), ecosystem development, and entrepreneurship-related projects. As a spanning boundary agent, he connects talent, companies and universities, helping people to turn their ideas into successful ventures. Mikko provides training to university researchers, showing them how to turn their research into real-world solutions. He has helped project experts create an impact on society and business by offering guidance and coaching. He is no stranger to facilitating interactive events like hackathons, where people come together to create innovative solutions, catering to universities, startups, community organizations, non-profits, and corporations. Mikko also acts as a mentor to people who are just starting their entrepreneurial journeys. Whether it’s individuals with fresh startup ideas, or small businesses looking to grow, Mikko’s guidance is a valuable resource within the Crazy Town community and across Europe.


Tobias Reckling

Tobias Reckling is Head of Tech Transfer, Knowledge Exchange & National Funding at the University of Vienna. The team supports, among other things, researchers from all disciplines in knowledge valorisation activities with partners from industry and society. Since 2019, Tobias also coordinates the Knowledge Transfer Center East (WTZ Ost). This cooperation project by nine Viennese Universities and four Universities of applied sciences aims at fostering and promoting all aspects of knowledge valorisation. The promotion of knowledge exchange from the SSH is a special focus of the activities of WTZ Ost.

Matthias Steinböck

As a University Assistant Praedoc at the University of Vienna, Matthias is well-versed in the realms of software engineering, game design, and digital education. His extensive professional journey seamlessly bridges the gap between industry and education, as he has engaged in both university-level teaching and school-based instruction. His rich and diverse background encompasses the founding of companies specialising in machine learning, industrial AI, website development, and database programming, along with his consultancy work for industry leaders. Currently, Matthias plays a pivotal role as a member of the GameLab at the University of Vienna, where he adeptly leads workshops focused on computer science and fundamental digital education. He actively seeks out and explores the dynamic intersections where industry, academia, and education converge, all in pursuit of fostering innovation and promoting collaboration within these fast-moving domains.


Jose Villagran

Jose has a background in Law and International Trade. In his current position as Deputy Manager R&D Projects at UIIN, Jose coordinates the design and execution of the large scale funded R&D projects, as well as undertakes research activities and creates content on a wide variety of topics including corporate social responsibility, urban challenges, stakeholder engagement and entrepreneurship. Jose has an MSc International Finance and Trade and has worked with a number of projects on sustainability and urban & rural development.

ingrid wakkee 2023

Ingrid Wakkee

Ingrid Wakkee is the AUAS Professor of Entrepreneurship at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where she serves as the scientific director of the AUAS Venture Centre. She actively supports sustainable, inclusive student-entrepreneurship and leads applied research projects in academic entrepreneurship, education, and new business models. Wakkee’s work has been published in renowned national and international scientific journals. She is involved in multiple research consortia and holds positions as an Adjunct Scientific Fellow at the Science to Business Marketing Research Centre of Munster University of Applied Sciences, Germany, and a visiting Professor at Thapar School of Management, India.

Angelika Zelisko

Angelika works at the interface of art and cultural management and serves as the DH of the Department ‘Support Art and Research,’ where her main focus is on enhancing research, entrepreneurship, and knowledge transfer. She has been actively involved in the project Knowledge Transfer Center East (WTZ Ost) since 2014, working at the intersection of art, research, and management. Within this framework, Angelika has co-led two projects: ‘Innovation Matters’ and ‘STEM: Interdisciplinary, Interactive, and Hands-on.’ She also developed a teaching format that emphasizes the prospects of professional practice for art students and alumni.

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