Training Programme Design

We will design a training programme for valorisation and academic entrepreneurship skills development, which will target:


KT/TT professionals

KT/TT professionals through the European SSH Valorisation Programme for KT/TT professionals

Two main blocks including SSH valorisation training and a train-the-trainer programme to implement the HackTheResearch programme for researchers. The Programme is delivered as an intensive European cross-institutional learning.


SSH researchers

SSH researchers through a HackTheResearch Valorisation Training Programme.



Sprints (delivered at 5 partner universities) with topics identified in accordance with the findings of the investigation phase. The format is a mix face-to-face HackTheResearch sprints and an online valorisation buddy programme in between.

PLUS E-zine

Issue #2

The second issue of the REVALORISE+ e-zine focuses on summarising the main findings of the research phase of the project and a detailed look at the Synthesis Report on the field of valorisation.