Training Programme Design

We will design a training programme for valorisation and academic entrepreneurship skills development, which will target:


KT/TT professionals

KT/TT professionals through the European SSH Valorisation Programme for KT/TT professionals


SSH valorisation training & train-the-trainer programme

Two main blocks including SSH valorisation training and a train-the-trainer programme to implement the HackTheResearch programme for researchers. The Programme is delivered as an intensive European cross-institutional learning.


SSH researchers

SSH researchers through a HackTheResearch Valorisation Training Programme.



Sprints (delivered at 5 partner universities) with topics identified in accordance with the findings of the investigation phase. The format is a mix face-to-face HackTheResearch sprints and an online valorisation buddy programme in between.

Literature Review

This literature review highlights the existing insights regarding the availability of support and training for researchers to valorise their research.