We’re working to enhance the entrepreneurial potential + social impact of social sciences + humanities research


REVALORISE+ recognises that to date, policy-makers, research funders and university boards have prioritised pursuing the immediate returns of research valorisation through licencing and patenting of the so called ‘hard sciences’ (i.e STEM) over the more intangible, longer-term returns and social impact of activity in the social sciences and humanities.

We are a team of SSH experts, academics and researcher with a shared mission and passion to remedy this.  We invite you to join us as we identify, map, develop, organise, recognise and champion the societal value and impact of social sciences and humanities research.

No research without action, no action without research

Kurt Lewin, Social Psychologist

New insights, knowledge and SSH valorisation skills

Six phases of our REVALORISE+ project work will produce public resources for SSH researchers and knowledge transfer staff, these are:

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Literature Review

This literature review highlights the existing insights regarding the availability of support and training for researchers to valorise their research.