Entrepreneurship and Engagement with UC3M

UC3M is a public, young (founded in 1989), medium size (22,000 students in four campuses) university, international oriented, committed to innovation and excellence in all its missions: teaching, research, and entrepreneurial university. Regarding teaching, as a generalist university, related disciplines are distributed in 26 departments among the following Schools: a) Law and Social Sciences, b) Humanities, Communication and Documentation and c) Engineering. UC3M is among the 150 top universities in the world in terms of graduates’ employability (QS Graduate Employability Ranking).

All UC3M courses are divided into three groups, (bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees), with the following programs:

  • 45 bachelor’s courses: 17 in Social Sciences and Law, 1 in Humanities, 14 in Engineering, 2 in Guardia Civil University Centre; and 11 combined degree courses.
  • 77 official master’s courses: 24 in Law, 16 in Economics and Business, 10 in Humanities, Communication, Information and Social Sciences and 27 in Engineering and Basic Sciences, plus 31 private master courses.
  • 19 doctorate courses in the varying fields of investigative research ongoing at the university.

About research and knowledge transfer function, the following figures show the University effort and commitment: 2,009 teachers and researchers organized in 131 research groups, UC3M leads 15% of the Spanish universities´ projects in Horizon 2020, and there are more than 230 industrial partnerships. Additionally, UC3M is a key agent in the regional ecosystem. It was awarded with dual accreditation for “Entrepreneurial & Engaged University” of the ACEEU. The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is the first European university to achieve ACEEU accreditation both in Entrepreneurship and Engagement, showing the institution`s commitment to excellence in multiple aspects of third mission. This is also the second institution in the world to achieve such dual recognition by ACEEU.


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