Why should universities care about a community-driven approach?

For a few years now there has been a buzz about community thinking in the business world. Jeffrey Bussgang and Jono Bacon for example write about the competitive advantage that this kind of thinking can bring to a single company or organization: “If a company can transition from simply delivering a product to building a …

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Research for Breakfast

Research for Breakfast

‘Research for Breakfast’ – A Copenhagen event concept that encourages personal relations and networks Impact. Social innovation. Valorisation. Not so familiar with the last term? Then you are not alone. ‘Valorisation’ is still a relatively unknown concept in the academic environment of Social Sciences and Humanities, and this is what the REVALORISE+project aims to address. …

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REVALORISE+ Researcher Training programme

Dr. Balzhan Orazbayeva, Manager of Strategic Initiatives at REVALORISE+ lead partners UIIN recently hosted an information session for researchers on our forthcoming valorisation training program with a live Q&A. The free 3-month programme, which starts on 6th October 2022, is specially designed for Social Sciences & Humanities researchers who want to create societal impact from …

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Meeting in real life

By Samantha Carty, Momentum Finally, REVALORISE+ project partners got to meet in real life in Amsterdam Science Park – Science & Business organisation in June 2022.Balzhan Orazbayeva cajoled us with caffeine and with University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) ‘s efficient hosting we stayed on schedule and out of the sun (at least until lunchtime!) Old friendships were renewed, and new ones …

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DESTINS – a French example of pioneering social innovation laboratory

‘Pour une Dynamique des Entreprises, de la Société, et des Territoires vers l’Innovation Sociale – DESTINS’ (Business, Society and Territory Dynamics towards Social Innovation – DESTINS) is the Joint Laboratory of the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme et de Société of the University of Poitiers (MSHS) and the cooperative agency in social innovation, Ellyx. This …

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Thinking BIG

A Recap of a Workshop on Impact and the UN SDGs held for PHDs at the University of Vienna Every small step counts in solving the big problems addressed by the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Researchers must internalize this when confronted with putting the impact of their research in context with the SDGs. …

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Presenting the Synthesis Report

REVALORISE+ Synthesis Report: what to expect? The Synthesis report shows the learnings from various research activities such as the analysis of the literature on valorisation in the Social Science and Humanities (SSH) research; the learnings from a quantitative survey – distributed amongst various valorisation actors, and in-depth interviews with researchers, Knowledge Transfer professionals and other …

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Highlighting the Impact of SSH Research at the University of Vienna The Impact Award of the University of Vienna encourages early-career scientists to reach new target groups outside the scientific community. The Impact Award, funded by the City of Vienna Cultural Affairs, goes to dissertation projects at the University to recognise impactful and engaging research of high social, economic or cultural value. Therefore, the range …

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PLUS E-zine

Issue #2

The second issue of the REVALORISE+ e-zine focuses on summarising the main findings of the research phase of the project and a detailed look at the Synthesis Report on the field of valorisation.