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Institut Mines-Télécom Business School (IMTBS) is one of 13 graduate schools in Institut Mines-Telecom, one of France’s major educational and research establishments. In addition to IMTBS, the Institute groups many of the country’s key engineering schools and plays a central role in developing both ground-breaking and applied research, innovation and education for engineers, managers, specialists and faculty. The schools of the Institute are acknowledged for their excellence at both national and international levels. Institut Mines-Telecom is a major actor in both the French research landscape and in European research programmes. The Institute combines strong academic legitimacy, close corporate relations and a unique focus on four key transformative fields of the 21st century: Digital Technologies, Energy, Ecology and Production. Furthermore, IMTBS supports an on-campus small-business incubator from which, over the past ten years, 100 companies have emerged to employ over 1,000 people.

IMTBS has a strong connection to a local network of SMEs in both research and education and developed within the tradition of French Grandes Ecoles, IMTBS is an educational establishment internationally renowned in its field with very close links to business and government. In addition to undergraduate and graduate programmes, the school offers over 100 executive programmes annually, and its governing body includes executives from global firms such as Vivendi, BNP, Google, EADS and Orange. IMTBS students are required to spend at least six months of their educational period on in-company work placements, and the school actively develops research projects with corporate partners.

In terms of the REVALORISE+ project, having extensive expertise in the asset mapping and scanning methodology, makes IMTBS and ideal choice as leaders of the Asset Mapping activities. In this capacity, IMTBS will lead (i) the capturing of the promising research assets (research with valorisation potential) and (ii) identification the researchers willing to valorise their research, to subsequently match them directly with ‘matching’ collaboration partners (business or governmental and non-governmental stakeholders), in a successful linking effort to further recruit them to participate in the HacktheResearch Valorisation Training Programme for researchers.

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