Meet the Training Participants

Serap Fišo

Here’s a short introduction to three participants from the REVALORISE+ Training programme which ran from October 2022 to January 2023.

Serap Fišo (pictured above) is a research assistant and PhD student at the International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her research area focuses on the identity construction of forced migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly how past experiences and in-group relationships impact their post-war identity. Fišo participated in the REVALORISE+ training program for researchers and found it efficient, effective, and well-designed, rating it 5 out of 5. She plans to continue working on her Personal Valorisation Project, publish columns in a local journal and collaborate with local organisations to increase the impact of her research.

Claire Lamoureux
Claire Lamoureux

Claire Lamoureux is a researcher in Management and Tourism at KEDGE Business School in France. Her research area focuses on the relationships between brands and consumers, specifically within the wine industry. Lamoureux is currently in the preparation phase of a research project that aims to measure the impact of diversification through wine tourism on the performance of wine companies. This project seeks to establish a method for evaluating the economic performance of wine companies and to assess the areas that have developed wine tourism activities. Lamoureux aims to provide recommendations and work closely with professionals in the wine tourism industry. Her research also has potential valorisation areas in consulting, communication tools, joint research and projects, collaboration with companies and governments, and private and public investors. The goal of her research is to help the development of wine tourism in France and to help wine producers establish better and workable business models. 

Yao Zhang
Yao Zhang

Yao Zhang is a researcher and PhD candidate based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business, another bachelor’s degree in Translation Practice, and a master’s degree in English Studies from the University of Copenhagen. Her research project focuses on identifying problems that interpreters have during their performance by using disfluencies as indicators and surface markers. The aim of her project is to provide theoretical grounds for the making of an assessment/accreditation standard for interpreters in Denmark. In addition to her PhD work, she is teaching, learning Danish, and working part-time.  

Read the original article by Medisa Fočić and Nina Branković and, Tanja Junge in E-zine – Revalorise: Ezine 4, pages 4 – 15. 

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