Meeting in real life

By Samantha Carty, Momentum

Finally, REVALORISE+ project partners got to meet in real life in Amsterdam Science Park – Science & Business organisation in June 2022.
Balzhan Orazbayeva cajoled us with caffeine and with University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) ‘s efficient hosting we stayed on schedule and out of the sun (at least until lunchtime!)

Old friendships were renewed, and new ones formed as we dug into discussions led by Ingrid Wakkee and Marie Roloff Groth which proved valuable for teasing out ideas around our forthcoming SSH research Training Programme. Nina Brankovic and Medisa Focic walked us through their progress on research asset mapping.

At lunch time we enjoyed some inter-project networking and got a tour of the start-up village which set the tone perfectly for Mikko KorpelaCrazy Town Oy to get us up and thinking on our feet about the best ways we can support researchers who want to create societal impact from their work.

There’s still time to free register for the Social Sciences & Humanities research training which kicks off in October 2022. Click here:

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