REVALORISE+ Champions Club

For a while now there’s been a growing need to connect and support researchers, who are interested in the valorisation of their research. However, many researchers feel that their valorisation needs are not fully met through the official channels of their universities.
Lack of a supportive peer-environment and culture is occasionally mentioned as one of the primary barriers. In particular, these impact researchers coming from the field of social sciences and humanities, who have often been left in the shadow of the so called ‘hard sciences’ (i.e STEM).

We at Crazy Town have been building and operating entrepreneurial communities for almost two decades. Whether its researchers or entrepreneurs, a peer-support driven community is often what people need to be able to take a leap of faith on their journey of valorising their skills and realising ideas. Because of this, as one of the partners of the REVALORISE+ consortium, we have created a concept called “Champions Club” – a club for intrepid researchers and academics interested in exploring topics such as innovation, commercialisation, valorisation, and university-business collaboration.

As the proverb goes, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

The 5+1 rules of the club are simple:

1. Club events are held for those who are interested in new up-to-date information around valorisation of research results, peer stories or connections.

2. Club events are always informal but facilitated. They can be held for example in a cafeteria or bar. Somewhere relaxed and cosy. The club facilitator helps to keep the discussion going.

3. Club events are participatory – you can engage in discussion. Talk about your ideas, insights and (possible) projects. Even if they are in a very early stage or uncertain. This way it is easier for peers to get interested and be able to help you out.

4. Club events might (and should) involve people from the dark side – business life. Don’t be alarmed. Even though your idea might not yet be commercial or fully validated outside in the real world, there are plenty of connections to be made here. Best practices and case examples are discussed, or other up-to-date information is given.

5. Club events are supposed to be fun and 100% voluntary to take part in. Nobody should be forced into them. If you are super-busy with your other work, you should concentrate on that instead. Come to the next one and participate only as much as you want.

Unlike in Fight Club, you can talk about Champions Club. Spread the word and invite your colleague or two. We have already launched activities which will start this autumn. Check out the full details here: Training Programme – Revalorise

By Mikko Korpela, Head of Consulting, Crazy Town Oy

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