Juha Laakkonen’s story of success is not just about his innovative idea but also the steps he took to make it a reality. Here are five important steps that Juha took to turn his idea into a successful business venture.


Juha’s success started with the science popularisation course he took at his university. This course helped him understand how to valorise his historical research. Giving him the inspiration to come up with a unique idea to visualise history through a mobile application using augmented reality. It’s important to seek out courses and training that can enhance your skills and help you understand your field better.


Once Juha had his idea, he didn’t keep it to himself. He talked to as many people as possible, even strangers, to get feedback and evaluate his idea. He was bold and implemented his idea even though it was new and untested. Don’t spend too much time developing your idea alone. Talk to people, evaluate feedback, and be courageous.


Juha and his partner, Elina Rauhala, knew that they needed a diverse network of ambassadors and business partners to succeed. They actively searched the market and contacted different stakeholders to build their network. They understood that the business idea was more than just history and ethnology research; it was also about using augmented reality in a mobile application. Memorandum Unlimited subcontracted a software development company to help them implement their idea.


Memorandum Unlimited took part in two accelerator programs to acquire business knowledge. The first program was run by Helsinki-based xEdu, which focused on teaching and technology. Memorandum Unlimited used xEdu’s network and received coaching for the educational part of their business idea. The second program was run by Jyväskylä-based Startup Factory, which focused on general business development and offered various types of coaching. It’s important to seek out training and mentorship to acquire business knowledge and skills.


Juha and Elina knew that selling and marketing were critical to their success. They had to explain the added value of their product and showcase tangible outcomes. Understanding their customers was key to their success. You need to understand your customers and their needs to provide a product or service that meets their needs and solves their problems.

In conclusion, success takes more than just a good idea. It takes hard work, courage, and a willingness to learn and grow. Taking part in a science popularisation course, testing your idea, growing a diverse network, acquiring business knowledge, and understanding your customers are all important steps to achieving success.

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