Who is Team REVALORISE+ ?

Led by the University Industry Innovation Network, the REVALORISE+ project team includes nine partners spanning seven European countries. We are innovators and capacity builders in the HEI field and work across and with a variety of institutions – Traditional Universities, Applied Sciences, Business schools, as well as industry experts.  

Let’s meet our Project Lead partner: UIIN 

UIIN is an international leader on university-industry engagement, entrepreneurial and engaged universities and knowledge transfer. UIIN is dedicated to advancing the future of higher education institutions and supporting our global community of university-industry professionals. UIIN conducts research, organises events and provides training and consultancy services to our community of 80+ organisational and 500+ individual members.  


Founded in 2012, UIIN responded to a developing need within university-industry interaction moving away from the linear process of technology transfer and a shift towards a more holistic and strategic approach by all stakeholders involved. Our mission is to enable and enhance university and industry engagement across education and research, through providing insights from research and practice, upskilling and supporting individuals and institutions, and creating a global community for sharing best practice. With its consulting offerings, professional training and events, UIIN actively converts research into practice and supports universities, business and government in developing stronger and more strategic relationships, more future-oriented institutions and ultimately building a knowledge society for a better tomorrow. UIIN has a proven experience of successfully leading international events, undertaking the implementation of European research projects and developing strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders. UIIN has a track record in leading and participating in research-heavy international projects.  

Research valorisation is a subject dear to the Netherlands who invented the term. Therefore, as a Dutch-based institution, UIIN is extremely delighted to be part of the REVALORISE+ project. UIIN is project lead and will lead the development and delivery of the “Training Programme Development” for valorisation and academic entrepreneurship skills development. This will support Knowledge Transfer/Technology Transfer (KT/TT) professionals through the European SSH Valorisation Programme for KT/TT professionals and also Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) researchers through the HackTheResearch Valorisation Training Programme. UIIN will be significantly engaged and supporting partners in other deliverables and aim to scale the work of this project onto a European level and allow for dissemination and exploitation of the project outputs across universities in Europe and beyond.  

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