REVALORISE+ Launches PLUS E-zine

We are excited to launch the first of our bi-annual PLUS magazines, dedicated to enhancing the entrepreneurial potential and social impact of Social Sciences and Humanities research.

As a group of higher education innovators, we aim to develop a new generation of SSH valorisation champions who are empowered and enabled to use their research to impact society. Our first edition of PLUS brings you face to face with the REVALORISE+ concept to explain the motivation and vision behind our project and our extensive plans over the next three years.

Our publication explains valorisation in higher education, gives examples and examines the potential barriers. The spotlight on valorisation in real life brings examples from Professor Emerita Robyn Ewing and University of the Arts, London.  Professor Ewing has used her research in creative pedagogies and the role of the arts in education to co-create the School Drama programme. Since 2009, the implementation of School Drama has improved teaching practices in schools in both Australia and New Zealand. Whereas the MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise initiative under the University of Arts is providing students with the necessary skills to valorise their work and projects related to arts and culture.

Our forward-thinking European initiative would not be possible without our team of nine dedicated partners who are ambitious about enhancing research impact. In this issue we meet a selection of them including University Industry Innovation Network’s (UIIN, the Netherlands), Institut Mines- Télécom Business School (France) and Crazy Town (Finland) These profiles give you a good insight into the scale of our project and the work we are undertaking.

What are you waiting for? Make some time to read about our work today – Download the REVALORISE+ PLUS E-zine. Add your voice to the REVALORISE+ journey on LinkedIn or Twitter

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Getting Personal

By Medisa Focic and Nina Brankovic  On October 24th, 2022, our French project partner Institut Mines-Télécom Business School held the first Personal Projects Valorisation (PVP) workshop, where social sciences and humanities (SSH) researchers from the REVALORISE+ training program had an opportunity to present their valorisation projects and address their research results or projects, initial valorisation


REVALORISE+ Networking Event

REVALORISE+ Networking Event in Paris UNIVERSITY KNOWLEDGE FOR SOCIAL IMPACT: How can researchers and universities create more impact on society? Save the date: October 24th, 2022, Rue des Jeûneurs, PARIS 75002 Whether through new COVID vaccines, bringing new-to-the-planet research or through start-up unicorns coming from universities, or universities being “a deep tech cauldron,” research capability

PLUS E-zine

Issue #2

The second issue of the REVALORISE+ e-zine focuses on summarising the main findings of the research phase of the project and a detailed look at the Synthesis Report on the field of valorisation.