Valorisation Survey: Addressing the Lack of Familiarity and Confusion among SSH Researchers and KT/TT Professionals”

Valorisation Survey

In a recent survey conducted on SSH researchers and KT/TT professionals, the results showed that there is still a significant lack of familiarity and confusion surrounding the concept of valorisation. The survey revealed that many respondents did not feel interested in the topic, which is a major concern for those involved in promoting the value of research.

One of the most significant findings of the survey was that researchers performing valorisation activities and using supporting mechanisms were not aware that these activities were connected to valorisation. This lack of understanding may be hindering their ability to fully engage in the valorisation process and take advantage of the benefits that it can offer.

Similarly, KT/TTs (knowledge transfer and technology transfer professionals) may not recognise themselves as valorisation actors or use the term “KT/TT” to describe their role. This lack of awareness and understanding of the terminology used in valorisation can lead to confusion and hinder the valorisation process.

The survey results suggest that training is crucial to addressing these issues and helping researchers and KT/TT professionals better understand the concept of valorisation. Specifically, the training must show researchers the possible valorisation activities that they can undertake and the benefits that they can gain from engaging in the process.

When promoting training programmes, it is essential to show researchers that they may already be valorising their work and would benefit greatly from the training. Many researchers may not realise that they are engaging in valorisation activities, and by highlighting the ways in which their work is already contributing to societal and economic impact, they may become more interested in the topic.

In conclusion, the survey results indicate that there is still much work to be done in promoting the value of research and encouraging researchers to engage in valorisation activities. By providing training and education on the topic, REVALORISE+ can help researchers and KT/TT professionals better understand the process of valorisation and how they can contribute to it. It is crucial that we continue to raise awareness of the benefits of valorisation and provide the necessary support and resources to ensure that all stakeholders are equipped to engage in the process effectively.

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